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Roadmap to Nanovest full launch and Nanoverse Summit 2

So far we have shared some of exciting development we have been doing. In this article we are sharing how we plan to bring everything together before full launch of Nanovest app (currently still on beta) and Nanoverse Summit 2.

Please see below the roadmap we are going to deliver before full launch of Nanovest and Nanoverse Summit 2.

Figure 1. Roadmap to Nanovest full launch and Nanoverse Summit 2

Milestone 1: NBT staking on

NBT staking will be among the first one we deploy, because this can bring new excitement to NBT and bring onboard new holders. This is because the staking contract will reward early adopter immensely. Given that the NBT emission is kept the same, the early users can get more than 100% APR, giving more users to stake their NBT and join our ecosystem. We believe this is a good way to kick off our journey toward Nanovest full launch and Nanoverse Summit 2.

Milestone 2: NBT pool on PancakeSwap

We will also join pool on PancakeSwap after launching staking on This marks NBT officially joining DeFi ecosystem on BSC.

Milestone 3: Pilot of Nano marketplace

Staking is good, but we need to show that NBT has more use case beyond just in crypto world. The next one we are going to launch is pilot of Nano marketplace, with feature already discussed in previous article: Nano marketplace. During the launch, 100% of NBT used in the platform will be burnt forever, making it ever scarcer. We will also spend our marketing budget to ensure the price of getting items in Nano marketplace will be the best in the market, allowing our community to expand beyond those already interested in crypto. If you miss the article on Nano marketplace, please read it because it’s one of the most exciting project from our team’s point of view!

Milestone 4: NBT staking on Nanovest

At this stage, hopefully we already bring certain hype and excitement on NBT, it’s time to fully utilize our Nanovest ecosystem. We have more than 2 million downloads for Nanovest and it keeps growing, thus we want to leverage Nanovest to bring NBT even further. It’s time to allow NBT staking on Nanovest, so people who has their reward NBT (currently still locked) can stake their NBT and grow their money.

Milestone 5: NBT tradable on Nanovest

After NBT staking on Nanovest, we should already identify #DiamondHands on Nanovest community. Next, we will allow NBT tradable on Nanovest, so people can also buy and stake NBT on Nanovest. Staking NBT on Nanovest will unlock lots of new feature, that we will share briefly today and we will share in more detail in next article.

Milestone 6: Prelaunch of Nanovest full app, exclusive for those staking NBT on Nanovest

Our team always wants to reward our supporters in Nanovest and NBT community. By now, you should know already that Nanovest always conduct a lot of program and gives away reward, from cash, crypto token, to NFT. But during prelaunch of Nanovest full launch, we will reallocate our marketing budget 100% to NBT stakers. Yes you read it right, all program during prelaunch period is only for those NBT holders that stake their NBT on Nanovest. We hope this can create even more excitement for the next milestone.

Milestone 7: Nanoverse Summit 2

When we first launched NBT on PancakeSwap, we conducted first Nanoverse Summit and that really kicked off NBT nicely. It’s time to bring Nanoverse Summit 2. In this edition, our focus will be bringing people that already signed agreement to partner with NBT. So in this summit, you can see who are already onboard in NBT community and why we are very confident on future of NBT. If you know potential partners that can utilize NBT, please reach out to Fandy/Jovita to partner with us and make this summit very exciting!

Milestone 8: Launch of Nanovest full app, with different benefit for those staking NBT on Nanovest

We finally come to the last milestone (for now). We will finally launch Nanovest full app, where we made a lot of improvement, from features to security to customer service. We will also have detailed gamification and campaigns on the full app. One thing for sure: when we launch full app for Nanovest, we will be the platform that rewards the user the most in this market. So if you like to invest and trade, and you like reward, rest assured you will be very happy with Nanovest. And side note, obviously those staking NBT will get more reward than those not staking NBT!

Last but not least, similar to our approach in everything we do, the milestone above is not the end of our development. Beyond that we will continue to build ecosystem of NBT. See the picture below on how we bring NBT forward beyond Nanovest full launch and Nanoverse Summit 2.

Figure 2. Nanoverse by NBT

That’s it for today. The last article for this week will be published soon, and there we will talk specifically on benefit of holding NBT on Nanovest and our ecosystem partner.


Tommy, on behalf of Nano team

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