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NanoByte Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Get your curiosity answered!
  • What is NanoByte?
    NanoByte is a cryptocurrency (crypto) project with a vision to drive adoption of crypto. Our first product will be NanoByte Token (NBT), an exchange token and the backbone of NanoByte.
  • What is the main value proposition of NanoByte?
    NanoByte aims to bridge cryptocurrency to the traditional / conventional currency system, by making crypto-wallets enabled and aligned with FIAT products such as e-money, credit cards, insurance, and other investments. NanoByte has secured support and backing of Sinar Mas Financial Group, one of Indonesia’s largest conglomerates. We have also secured partnerships with a wide range of other Indonesian institutions and parties. This partnership approach will ensure the best crypto use-cases and offerings to users.
  • What is the benefit of becoming NanoByte holders?
    NanoByte will focus on developing various use cases of NBT. We aim to bring rich token benefits and experiences for token holders by incentivizing community to hold our token. Some benefits includes but not limited to receiving cashback upon buying investment product, eligibility to get crypto credit card, paying using crypto wallet, and use NBT ownership as collateral for lending.
  • How can I get NanoByte?
    Buy Nanobyte at Tokocrypto Indodax Pancakeswap Coinmarketcap Coingecko Nanovest
  • Where can I learn more about NanoByte?
    We have published the first version of NanoByte Litepaper for you to learn more about NBT. You can download the NanoByte litepaper here.
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