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Project Update (2nd February 2023)

Info regarding Whitepaper 2.0, Listings, and NBT Birthday

First, We apologize for our inactiveness in terms of uploading the project update site recently, but rest assured that we are still building the project as planned.

We would like to give you some updates regarding the project.

Whitepaper 2.0

As we grow bigger, we realize that there are many things we would want to pursue on top of what has been written on our initial whitepaper. That is when the decision to create whitepaper 2.0 is made. The whitepaper 2.0 is not going to nullify our previous whitepaper, but rather enhance it to help the world understand our vision better. The whitepaper is being finalized at the time of this post being written. Our VIP members have had the privilege to take a glimpse of it by request, and we can say that they are very excited with what is coming for NBT.

Stay tuned, our release date is around the corner. We promise you that the drum roll will finally be paid off.


We have made it our mission this year to make ourselves more accessible to the mass, and one way to achieve it is by being listed in more exchanges. Currently we are engaged in a conversation with 5 possible exchanges for listing.

NBT Birthday

February is a special month for us as NBT was born on 25 Feb. This year NBT will turn one, and as our token of gratitude, we will be having campaign with lots of rewards.

We will update more on these topics as we get closer to the launch date. Until then, stay tuned!

Theo, On Behalf of Nano team

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