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Buy products with NBT now

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Instant loan approval for NBT holder

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Special property deal for NBT holders

NBT Utilities

Investment Bridge

NanoByte token holders will be rewarded with discount or cashback for buying non-crypto assets in our investment app or in our investment partners

Asset 99.png
Asset 99.png
Asset 122_edited.png
Asset 123.png
Asset 124.png
Asset 121.png
Investment Bridge

Crypto-Bridge Credit Card

The more NBT a user holds, the higher credit card tier they are eligible to apply for, with higher benefits and rewards.

Asset 15.png
Asset 99.png
Asset 99.png
Asset 99.png
Asset 103.png
Asset 104.png
Asset 116.png
Asset 106.png
Crypto Bride c

Payment Bridge E-Money

Integration of crypto for seamless payment will allow community to make payment using crypto wallet.

wallet 1.png
Asset 99.png
Asset 99.png
Asset 99.png
Asset 107.png
Asset 108.png
Asset 109.png
Asset 110.png
Payment bride

Financial Service Bridge

NBT ownership can be used as collateral for lending from financial service institution partners.

Asset 99.png
Asset 99.png
Asset 99.png
Asset 111.png
Asset 112.png
Asset 113.png
Asset 114.png
Finacial Service
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