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Staking on (DeFi)

Updated: May 20, 2022

As you guys are aware, we have been developing staking program for quite some time. Staking is important to our community because staking can reward #DiamondHands and can also reduce selling pressure in the market. Staking is also important to onboard new users to our community.

Currently our staking program is being audited, and we will launch this when audit is ready. Below is glimpse of how staking will look like on

Figure 1. Connect your crypto wallet on

Figure 2. Monitor your asset performance on dashboard of

Figure 3. Different staking pools on

From the figures above, you can clearly see that there are few key features of staking on

  • Flexible staking. This means you can stake anytime, and unstake your NBT anytime. We will have a fixed emission of NBT everyday, which allows the pool to have very high APR on launching date. Early users might be able to get NBT with 100%+ APR, which is very attractive for our holders and new users

  • Fixed staking. In this option, you will be able to stake NBT on fixed period of time, for example 180 days period. This is catered toward mostly holders who want to really support our project on longer time frame, because NBT locked in this staking contract will not be in the market, thus reducing supply and selling pressure in the market.

This staking program above will not be the only DeFi initiatives we are doing. After we implement this, below are some of staking enhancement program we are doing on DeFi front:

  • Pools on PancakeSwap. We have been working with them to join their pools, so NBT holders can also get $cake token.

  • Completion of Nanopet NFT honorary and stake Nanopet NFT to get NBT (each Nanopet NFT holder will get NBT daily for the next 5 years). This will not be completed until we create 50 Nanopet NFT. Currently we still only allocate ~30 Nanopet NFT, so there is still space for those who want Nanopet NFT.

Thanks for reading, #NanoSquad. Article 2 coming soon ☺


Tommy, on behalf of Nano team

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