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NBT update week of April 8

Below is quick update on NBT for this week.

New Partnership

We have just announced our new partnership with Genflix, a leading local streaming platform in Indonesia (please do check our social media 😊). As part of the partnership, Genflix will conduct weekly movie screening at our Nanoverse. And because we want every single partnership to benefit our NBT hodler, Genflix will give many prizes every week … only for NBT hodlers and Honorary Nanopet NFT owners. Going forward, we will keep on growing our partnership ecosystem so NBT hodlers will always get more benefits and utilities.

Use case development for NBT

Some of notable progress in making use cases for NBT:

· We have signed agreement to allow NBT being used as collateral to get loan in traditional financial service so we will pilot this very soon. During pilot launch, not everyone will be able to get loan because we want to keep it small first but yes, it’s definitely happening.

· Process to make crypto credit card and integration with marketplaces is still in development. We are talking with multiple potential partners, but nothing specific that we can share for now.


Nano Team

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