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Project Update - March 23rd, 2022

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

It’s been a while since we gave long update to the team. Since Tokocrypto, we have been busy budling. Buidling takes time, so we really appreciate the patient and support from Nano community.

Below is some updates from our end.


People is always the most important thing to build a successful venture and in the past few weeks we have managed to recruit following people to support Nano community.

Mona Susanto

Mona previously worked as Associate Director at HSBC Global Banking and Market and she will be Head of Sales of NanoByte. She will be busy promoting NanoByte to high net worth individuals, institution, and financial services. With Mona in the team, we have credible individual that can promote NanoByte to entire financial ecosystem – given her deep expertise on banking world.

William Budiharsono

William worked as venture partner at SEA Investment Capital, a prominent VC in Southeast Asia. He is also a corporate finance leader with 10+ years of experience and diverse background in building and growing successful businesses, corporate restructurings, turndarounds, and financings. In Nano, he will focus on getting investment for Nano from all over the globe, making Nano truly a global initiative.

Fandy Label Honggono

Fandy has been helping us on and off since mid February 2022, but he finally decided to join us full time since last week. His previous role was Deputy COO at cocoa factory, but he is an avid crypto users and builders. Fandy will focus on web3 development we are doing under Nano, including staking and partnership with other web3 companies

Jovita Widjaja

Jovita has joined us for some time but we haven’t had chance to properly introduce Jovita. Jovita is a proven entrepreneur, businesswoman, and accredited financial personnel. She used to be Country Head of GuavaPass before getting acquired by ClassPass and she was Equity Sales personnel at Samuel Sekuritas. Jovita will focus on growing Nano and to build partnership with brand in Indonesia and globally, to make Nano use case even bigger.

Product development

There are so many products being developed right now, but we want to share that key focus is as below:

· Listing NBT on Nanovest. We have completed the product design and overall user experience, and the team is busy developing this to make sure you can trade NBT on Nanovest. This includes unlocking NBT you have received from previous programs and campaigns.

· NBT on Ethereum chain. Going multichain has always been our focus, because entering other chains allows us to target to different hodlers, investors, and builders. We are currently finalizing the smart contracts so we can have NBT tradable on Ethereum family as well. Also, this allows more use cases for our Honorary Nanopet NFT hodlers, since the NFT is on Ethereum as well.

· Staking. To reduce circulating supply and selling pressure, we need to have staking mechanism. We will do this after NBT is tradable on Ethereum chain. Development is ongoing in parallel, but we want to make sure that our staking program is not just seamless, but highly secured as well.


To make sure that NBT is accessible, we continue to focus on getting NBT listed. Our new hire Fandy is focusing on this and has been in touch with local and global players. We have secured few partnership, but obviously we cannot say much until it’s listed J

Business development

In Indonesia, we feel that we have sorted few solid business partners, but we understand that NBT is unknown in international space. That’s why some of our team members are attending Binance Blockchain Week in Dubai next week.

While the team in Indonesia (led by Billy, Andika, Fandy, Mona) is busy locking partnership and development in Indonesia, some of us are going to Dubai to make connections and build Nano globally. During the trip in Dubai, below is our focus

· Getting contact with UAE policy maker. This is important for our step to expand Nano brand outside Indonesia and to get support from UAE policy maker.

· Meet with crypto VC and investors. During our private sale, we made deliberate choice to put community first and investor second – that’s why we rely on our own seed money and community investors and not VC investors. This time, to grow Nano even bigger, we will start talking to global crypto VC and investors as well.

· Meet with fellow web3 builders. We are also super excited to meet with fellow builders in web3, to grow Nano and web3 community together and to expand our use cases.

· Meet with crypto exchanges. This one doesn’t need more explanations, we obviously want NBT to be tradable in more exchanges J

For now, that’s it from our side. Thank you for keep supporting us, we will continue to give update to our community.


Tommy, on behalf of Nano team

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